Special Needs Moms

I found this on  FB and it bring tears after reading it.
This is truly how I feel - being a special needs mom.

Special Needs Moms - A look inside

You may think us "special moms" have it pretty rough.
We have no choice. We just manage life when things get really tough.
We've made it though the days we thought we'd never make it through.
we've even impressed our own selves with all that we can do.

We've gained patience beyond measure, love we never dreamed of giving .
We worry about the future but know this "special" life's worth living.
We have bad days and hurt sometimes, but we hold our heads up high.
We feel joy and pride and thankfulness more than we cry.

For our kids, we aren't just supermoms. No, we do so much more.
We are cheerleaders, nurses and therapists who don't walk out the door.
We handle rude remarks and unkind stares with dignity and grace.
Even tough the pain they bring cannot be erased.

Therapies and treatment routes are a lot for us to digest.
We don't know the future holds but give our kids  our best.
None of us can be replaced, so we don't get many breaks.
It wears us out, but to help our kids, we'll do whatever it takes.

We are selfless, not by choice, you see. Our kids just have more needs.
We're not out to change the world, but want to plant some seeds.
We want our kids accepted. That really is our aim.
When we look at them we just see kids. We hope you'll do the same.

- April Vernon

I won't change the way my autistic son views the world, 
but I will change the way the world views him.


Hayati Sulaiman said…
Nangis baca ni.. sbb semuanya sgt betul..datang dari hati. Hugs Put.. You are not alone. :')
Siti_btp said…
Comelnya Lope mcm kanak2 biasa je!

Rambutnya cantik hendak ke Lope ke kedai gunting atau Nur yg gunting..
@Mommy Gaban,
Sangat betulkan? :') Masa saya baca pun saya nangis, sebab tulah share kat sini.
Dia ada barber sendiri dengan sorang uncle ni je dia boleh gunting rambut. Kalau dengan orang lain, dia nangis. Jadi pelanggan tetap since umur 1 tahun 8 bulan. Pernah Uncle ni balik India, 3 bulan tak gunting rambut :D
Salam Puteri, saya pun ibu kepada special needs child. My first born son Nuzul, cerebral palsy kid, pun belom pandai berjalan, umur dah 7 tahun lebih. With walking aid dia boleh berjalan dlm 10 steps lepas tu memang letih. Nak cakap satu jer dgn Puteri, Lope sangat handsome. Sejuk dan cair hati tatap muka dia. Even my hubby cakap dia handsome. Untuk Puteri pulak, you such a brave mom and will always be brave for Lope. Kita sama Puteri, satu kapal yang membawa insan yang istimewa dan tak semua org dianugerah insan istimewa ini. You take care. Salam kat family ya...

We will always be with you
sharing the secret
the joy and tears
as we are SISTERS

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