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I should thanked Becky for the opportunity given to me. For all these time, I've blog about various kind of food in my blog (label: food appreciation) and probably because of this passion, Becky is offering me to something I can't refuse - to review the cakes! However, due to the unforeseen circumstances, I could not make it on the day and have to replace it with Mr. Bubu. So, here is the review written by him.

Last week on Tuesday 7th June 2011, I represented my wife to a food-tasting event sponsored by One World Hotel. The intention is to promote their variety of cakes featured at one of their F&B outlets – the Cinnamon Coffee House. This posting of mine shall be a review on the cakes based on my personal opinion.
Before we go further in commenting on its cakes, I think the café deserves a promotional airtime not only for their cakes but also other foods served at the outlet. There were Western, Malaysian, Italian, Japanese and Oriental (Asian) under one roof. I took the opportunity (before they serve the cakes as the dessert) to try small portions of every group of food served there.
Let's picture do the talking :)

and these are my comments --> Generally, the food is good.
For the Western food, my personal favourite would be the lemon chicken . The other would be the cheesy bolognaise meat balls . You can enjoy the cheese and the sauce blended together with a well-cooked meat balls. The Malaysian food there, in my opinion is just an average taste. If you serve foreigners, they would say it’s the best food ever tasted. As a Malaysian, it’s just another Malaysian dish. The Italian food counter served pizzas. Both pizzas are nice but my personal preference would be the margherita. Don’t ask me why – it’s just personal.
There are two Japanese counters – one serving tepenyaki and the other serving sushi. I must admit, I am not a sushi man so I didn’t try the sushi. However, I over-heard other guests commented that the sushi is very tasty – especially the sauce. For me, I just tried the tepenyaki and yes – the food is great just like the sushi and it is due to the perfect taste of the sauce. I personally think that the key to a good Japanese food is the sauce.
As for the oriental counter, they serve noodles, dim sum and other oriental dishes. My comment is almost the same as the Malaysian food EXCEPT for the duck rice. The duck rice counter served duck rice and chicken rice. The taste of the rice determines the overall taste of the dish and yes, the rice was cooked to perfection.

- Cakes -
Aloe Vera White Choclate Cake
Now, on to the cakes. The café served a variety of cakes. The main feature was one Aloe Vera White Chocolate. Although I am a chocolate lover, white chocolate ranks last in my chocolate-taste preference. But when I tried the Aloe Vera White Chocolate here at Cinnamon Café, it is worth-while elevating the white chocolate taste in my personal preference to a higher level.
Black Forest

Mixed Nuts Tiramisu.
Peach Crumble
Honestly, according to my personal taste, all are great except the Carrot Cake as it is not my taste – sorry! The best of these to me is the Black Forest as it has the most chocolate taste (there you see, I am biased to those with chocolate elements).
Between the Peach Crumble and Mixed Nuts Tiramisu, the tastes of both a incomparable. But in terms of user-friendliness, I would go for the tiramisu as the cake is easier to be eaten. When you cut the cakes into small chunks, it stays intact as opposed to the Peach Crumble which most of the time slips away from my fork! But then again, the taste is nice.
Moving on to the next batch of cakes are the Piva Pistachio, Green Tea Opera Cake, Red Velvet Cake and the Petit Antone.
Pave Pistachio is nice but its too cheesy. If the chef could just reduce the amount of cheese in it, it may have been a better cake.
The Green Tea Opera Cake is one of the best cakes I’ve tasted at the event. I can’t explain why because the taste is just great. As for the Red Velvet Cake, I had this cake packed for my wife at home and to my surprise, her friend and herself tasted the cake and commented that it was marvelous. To me, its just an ordinary cake. Is there something wrong with me?
Ah, the Petit Antone is THE CAKE of the night!
My favourite and top-most ranked cake in this review. It’s full of chocolate! I was hoping to get this too packed for my wife but alas, I only managed to bring home the Red Velvet.
The last batch of cakes are the Mango Dome and the Oreo Cheese Cake.

The Mango Dome is nice, but the mango layer is too thin – almost negligible. If the chef could make the mango layer a bit thicker, it would make a better taste. As for the Oreo Cheese Cake, from the looks of it, I expected for the taste to be very cheesy but to my surprise, it’s not that cheesy. With the crunchy base at the bottom layer, it gives a good combination of soft and hard texture which leads to a memorable taste.
All in all, the cakes here are great except for those which are not in my personal taste preference. I would highly recommend the Petit Antone as it is the best to my preference. And by the way, I was told that the café gives 50% discount on all cakes after 3pm. Looks like a good place to crash for tea!
The hotel is located at Bandar Utama – near TV3’s Seri Pentas and the café is at its lower-ground floor. Do come and enjoy the great food here!
Bloggers doing their job before eating! Xx


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