It's officially over for me. Uhhh... so early meh?

Yes, over! So that I can have an early sleep then on. (oh, really?) Reason being? Lost in gambling! Giler weh, dosa. No, don't worry. I don't do such things.

These three lions are sleeps! Africa is not their play of land!

My prediction on early day was like Germany 2 and England 0. Serious lemau kot diaorang main. I don't even think Klose looks charming either. Layan match di Presint 16, nasib ada peneman sejati Fahiya dan Afza. Fahiya excited nak pergi sebab betting BB dengan cik abang dia, while Afza plak katanya baru nak berjinak-jinak dengan bola. Now, I'm rooting on Argentina. Despite I like to see Maradonna runs naked, I wanna see how things goes when Argentina vs Germany later.

Oh boy, turunkan tanganmu.

And for England, go home and stop being proud with your 66 spirit. Menci tau when you let me down like this!


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