My Mind is the Scene of the Crime

Oh! Contest lagi, ini yang buat saya sayang Nuffnang!

Baru sekejap tadi saya baca preview movie ini di Nuffnang. Terus saya terjerit melalak memanggil Encik Bubu tanya nak pergi tengok atau tak, budget macam ala-ala saya boleh menang. Leornado DiCarpio on big screen again! Oh, i love! So, here I am writting something about my mind is at the scene of the crime.

Oh, okey.. its no longer a secret after all when I need to share it here :-)


I can't live without my little angle, my little children, my little me, my little everything! I can't tolerate with the word goodbyes! Maybe it sounds pathetic. Maybe it sounds traumatic though. Yes, maybe. I've been through once, and its really pain when you know the person you loved most is no longer there for you. I don't want them to say goodbye to me. Not them!

I can't imagine if one day, when I woke up from bed, there is no..

Him anymore. I'm surely will missed all his laughter, smiles, screams and everything him. He is my world, the one who make me a mother. The one who showed me how unconditional love is. Oh, and this tiny little girl of mine..

She is definitely rocks my world with her own way. I see me in her. I see me in this a year and half old girl. For the way they changed my world become myself as a better person,I can't live without them. They are my strength and they are my weakness. Please, don't take them away from me, I'd rather do anything for them. Please, don't steal them away from me.

I guess these are no longer a secret :-P but the real one is, I can't live without...

Oho~* aku lemah tanpa kamu, ok?
*sila muntah*

And, I think I really mean it. The rockstar who brought so many gooood things in my life. Thank you Faizal Tahir, for everything you have done. The music, the souls, the spirits and for the sisterly bonding I have met. Girls, you know who you are. I thank you. And I hope, this time is a pair of Inception movie from Nuffnang. LOL!


Misya Idris said…
haiyo, ingat ada pic abg is. rupanya abang pejal. isk isk isk.. T_T
yup..cant wait to see leonardo di caprio back on screen huhu
.ariffa. said…
uhh. rinduu la kat faizal tahir ;p oops ;p

keep on browsing the pictures frm penang and KB. rinduu mak aih ;p
anim, dia tak pelru diucap. cinta dari dalam hati.hahahah :D
ravishingpeacock: oh, cant hardly wait!
riff: ku rinduu.. bukan rindu si abang pejal, tapi ku rinduu trip ke KB and Penang and semesta sisters!

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