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I found this in StarOnline. Tetiba rasa terharu. Sila baca yang saya highlight kaler merah ye :)

When Faizal is away from his kids, he chats with them via his 3G phone.

Faizal Tahir, 30, singer

He may well be the hottest ticket in town where the local music industry is concerned, what with emerging the biggest winner in this year’s Anugerah Industry Music award show.

However, for Faizal, his most prized trophies are his two children, son Ahmad Mikaeel Zidane (yes, after the famed footballer Zinedane Zidane), three, and daughter, Siti Raudhah Nurimam, one.

“I remember at the AIM awards, my wife sent me a text message saying that she and the kids will still love me even if I did not win any awards.

“And I replied, even if I won a trophy, it woud not compare to the trophies I have at home. Honestly, my kids and my wife are most precious to me.

“It’s like my kids are my life, really,” says the singer. “My biggest reward being a father is ... is having kids. I really love kids.”

Faizal admits that he is a doting father who spoils his kids, sometimes to a fault.

“I spoil my kids too much ... I am a ‘spoiler dad’. My kids can have anything they want,” he laughs.

“I am actually the total opposite of my dad. My dad was really strict and as I grew older I used to find it hard to talk to my dad because I was scared of him. He was strict ... but it does not mean he was not loving.”

Fatherhood however does have its challenges, says Faizal, such as keeping cool and patient even when your stuff is being destroyed!

“I think that one thing that is being tested the most as a father is my patience. You know how kids can be ... and my son, at three, well he is very adventurous and likes to explore.

“I keep a lot of things that have sentimental value at home and sometimes he just crashes them and ... well, I just have to be patient,” he says.

Another challenge? Getting his son to brush his teeth.

“He has yellow teeth, you know. He hates brushing his teeth. It’s really hard to get him to brush his teeth!”

Young as they are, both Ahmad Mikaeel and Siti Raudhah seem to sense their father’s celebrity and, like most kids, they like to mimic him especially when they see him on TV.

“People say that I am really passionate when I am singing but they have not seen my son. He picks things up very fast and he mimics me and brings it to another level. And, sometimes the two of them do duets!”

If he has anything to do with it though, Faizal would rather his children not get into showbusiness.

“People think it’s glamorous and all but it’s a really tough industry. It is not as rosy as it appears.

“People have asked me many times if I would like my kids to become singers too and it really freaks me out because I would rather they not.

“But then again, my parents never wanted me to become a singer either. So...”

As a celebrity, Faizal regrets that he is sometimes unable to spend as much time as he would like with his children.

“I think my son does notice there is a difference (since winning One in a Million) because he sometimes asks my wife where I am or when I will be back.”

As loving and doting as he is though, Faizal and his wife are determined to keep their personal lives and children out of the limelight.

“I want them to have a normal childhood.”


ieda said…
i do not admire him personally but i really like his voice & performance..good to know that he's a family man..hope he'll get well soon.
Mrs. Simplicity said…
weh2, baca entry ni terus jatuh cinta extra kat faizal tahir. faizal i heart u! :D
Min MH said…
hope i can find a guy yg caring pasal famili gak...
yang mcm FT pun lagi best...
(pale tgh sasau)

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