Autisme Workshop by The National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM)

Some of us are born more special than others.

Why can you see and I cannot?

Why am I born with autism while you are not?

Why is my world different than yours?

Why? Why? Why?

Often, when we are blessed with a special child or sibling, we ask ourselves - why me? [because we're the choosen ones :P because only God knows that we're capable to handle this greatest gift] What have I done wrong? [ wrong? it is a test from God, and he ~ my autism child is the BEST thing ever happened to me!] But did it ever occur to us that this very same thought may just be going through the mind of our special child or sibling? [ I don't know.. ] What then do we do or how do we go about helping our special sibling get on in their life? [ I don't know..]

My oh my. Many questions pop-up in my mind about autisme and My dear Idris. For this purpose as well, I might be joining NASOM's workshop which is will held on 18 & 19 July 2009 at Petaling Jaya.

A little info about the workshop:

The Workshop:

This workshop works on a family approach; involving the siblings of individuals with special needs in the journey towards a fuller development of the person. It will depict how family initiatives will and can provide a better quality of family life not only for persons with special needs but for the other family members as well. It will provide insight on how the siblings' educational efforts will simultaneously establish better family bonding, deepen relationships and develop more compassion among siblings themselves.

Who Should Attend:

Recommended for siblings (12 years and above) of family with intellectual difficulties/special needs child as well as parents and caregivers who can inspire siblings in understanding their roles and responsibilities towards the developments and enrichments of the life of their siblings with special needs.

Topics Covered: [oh, I really need to know all these...]

What is the Family & the Family with Special Needs?
Parents' / Family Members' role in Education?
Educational Guidelines to Normalisation
Siblings in Different Lands Dynamics of Education
The Family & Education For Life
Family in Educational Models & Alternative Experiments
Rights/Roles/Responsibilities of Siblings in the Family

The Facilitators:

Fr. Adam Gudalefsky is an Americanwho has been on missions assignments in Japan, Nepal and Hong Kong where he was involved in various kinds of educational programmes, ranging from nursery level to university teaching. He has been living and working in Hong Kong for a long time now and responds to request to present a variety of educational programmes in order to care for and educate people with a special needs.

Sr. Concepcion (Ching) Madduma is a Filipino who has been directing various special education in India for the past 25 years. She has scholastic degrees in Special and is the key education team member who experiments with educational programmes.

Both Fr. Adam and Sr. Ching are coming with a wealth of experience in the area of special education. They have travelled to over 50 countries in Asia, Africa, europe, Middle East and South Pacific regions to present programmes in the care and education of people with special needs. They have written several books on various areas of special education.

To ALL AUTISME PARENTS, come and join me!!

For more details, click here NASOM.


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