Sepi : Double Thumbs-Up!

I've watched SEPI with Anim just now.. (means, Ive spend my Friday break wisely!) So touching, we even scream out loud (other audience did the same,too-masa part-part jiwang la) and, I dunno how many times do Anim says 'Kakput.. bestnyer' and, so do I 'Anim, sweetnyer'

My personal review:
I give 5 out of 5 stars!

The play were hillarious
The songs combination are well choosen
The roll (Afdlin,Vee,Eja) were real outstanding
Jiwang I dibuatnya ;) -- Cinta tak datang hanya sekali!

Big salute to Kabir Bahtia (do I get a right spelling?)

Btw, second song from this movie.. I guess lagu Edry KRU.. anyone?


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